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How An Underground Drainage System Can Prevent Foundation Damage

Protect Your Foundation With The Underground Drainage Solution

Do you want to protect your home’s foundation? One way to do that is by installing a drainage system underground. This will help keep water away from your house and stop it from getting damaged. In connection with this, Gutter Medics can help you!

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What Is An Underground Drainage System?

Modern cities and rural areas have special systems of pipes underground. These pipes help move water away from buildings. A storm drain is vital for many reasons. The storm drain collects rain, water from the streets, and waste from our homes. It also helps protect us when it floods.

The pipes are usually put in the ground under roads or sidewalks and made of concrete or plastic. This new system helps keep dirty water away from people’s homes and gardens. It stops the water from getting toxic. Having flood protection can save you from having to clean up after a surprise flood. 

Underground water drainage helps us use water in the best way. Planting trees helps keep the Earth healthy. It can save natural resources and stop rainwater from making the soil dirty. Without footing, cities would be very unique today!

Reasons Why You Need An Underground Drainage System

Your foundation is very important for your home’s safety. It is best to have an underground gutter drainage system to keep it safe. This is easy and efficient. Here are ten reasons why it is a good idea:

1. Water Damage To the Foundation

Owners need to protect their homes from water damage. This system can help stop water from building up. This also helps protect your house from getting cracked.

2. Soil Erosion Prevention

Rain and other moisture can damage soil over time. This makes the particles smaller and weaker. If your home has extra water, you need to find a way to eliminate it. That will help protect the foundation from shaking and stop flooding in other parts of the house. You can ensure that this is ready to handle any changes in weather by setting it upright and maintaining it.

underground drainage system
Underground Drainage System

3. Preventing Basement Flooding

This will help water from the yard flow away from the foundation of your house. This will reduce the pressure on the walls of your home and stop it from flooding in the basement. Cleaning it can help you save money and protect things in there. These things include furniture, electronics, and more. You won’t need to worry about heavy rain or snow melting outside.

4. Maintaining Structural Integrity

Maintaining this helps make sure it won’t break or fall apart. You can protect your home by taking water away from it. This will keep the ground wetness low, keeping your foundation safe and strong. Also, you will reduce the chance of having problems with water or dampness that can cause damage.

5. Cost Savings

The money spent on this project can be a saving in the future. A good drainage line helps protect your home. It moves water away, so you don’t have to spend much money. Fixing flooded basements, eroded foundations, and mold can be those issues.

6. Increasing Property Value

Investing in this system is a good way to make your property worth more. It helps stop flooding and keeps it from getting damaged. Keeping your foundation dry will help protect it. This can save you money because you won’t have to pay for costly repairs later.

Not only is an underground drainage line helpful, but it also makes your house look nicer. It will help you find buyers if you decide to sell your home.

7. Improving Indoor Air Quality

Groundwater moves away from your home’s foundation due to the said system. It will stop mold and mildew spores from growing inside your house. Your family will feel better if you install this line. It can help the air in your home become cleaner and healthier.

8. Extending Your Home's Life Span

This system can help prevent water from heavy rain and snow from getting on your home’s walls. It will also take any water that is around your house and move it away. This helps prevent water from reaching the ground and getting into the foundation. 

Investing in an underground drainage system for your home is a good idea. It will help keep your house safe during rainy weather and help it last a long time.

9. Environmental Benefits

Make a drain to get rid of rainwater. This will stop too much rainwater from building up in the streets. It will also prevent dirt and other bad things from entering nearby creeks or lakes. This type of action helps keep the environment safe and clean! When you make changes to your home, it will last longer.

The water running off the roof won’t hurt the foundation anymore. This system makes your home safe and helps protect the environment. That’s a double win!

10. Reduce The Risk Of Structural Damage

You should have a line to prevent damage to your house’s post. When water comes close to your home, it can cause cracks and other damage. It can weaken your home’s foundation over time.

residential underground drainage pipes
Residential Drainage Systems

Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing Underground Drainage System

• Climate

The climate affects why the system is vital to protect your post. When it rains a lot, or snow melts, the ground can get too full of water and cause flooding.

• Soil Composition

When it rains for a long time, the soil can get too wet. This is especially true in places with clay-based soil. Soil can cause problems if it is not drained right. It can move around and make the foundation of your house weak and even crack. It stops the ground from getting too wet.

• Landscaping And Topography

When you pick a drainage system for your property, think about the land and what is around it. Look at hills, trees, plants, and water near you. This can help you decide which drainage system works best.

• Building Age

If you want to keep your home safe and make it last longer, you may need a new plumbing system. The age of your building limits what kind of pipes it can have. A new line will help keep your home dry. This prevents damage to the foundation, which can be expensive if not fixed fast.

• Water Source

Keeping water levels stable can help protect you from the bad things that can happen. The drainage system helps keep your home safe from water. When it rains, the system guides the water away from your house. This protects your house and keeps it dry.

• Tree Roots

Trees can make your yard look nice but might cost you money. Tree roots can grow into underground pipes and damage them. This can also harm your house’s foundation. Installing this system below ground can help protect your home now and in the future. It can keep tree roots from growing into your foundation.

• Maintenance

This type of system is good because it does not need much care. It is a good idea to check every once in a while to ensure everything works fine. It will remain effective for years with little effort.

• Costs

Installing the system can be lavish. But it is a good idea to help protect your home from water damage. If you spend money on it now, you could save money in the future by preventing expensive repairs.

If you have underground gutter drainage problems, installing a drainage system is most important. This will keep water away from your home and protect it. It will stop flooding near your house and dry the ground around it. Gutter Medics can help you save time and money in the long run.

Our firm offers great services for any drainage problems. Our team works hard to give you the best solution for what you need. We always make sure to handle everything so that our customers are happy. Call us now at (630) 922-3131 for an estimate and see how excellent our work is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An underground drainage system is installed below ground level, preventing water from saturating the soil around the foundation. Surface and French drains, for example, are installed above ground level and may not be as effective at preventing water from reaching the foundation.

Cracks in the foundation or walls, uneven floors, stuck doors and windows, and gaps between the foundation and the soil are all common signs of foundation damage caused by poor drainage.

Underground drainage systems are classified into:

1-Perforated drain pipes

2-Channel drains

3-Catch basins

Check for signs of water pooling around the foundation or any signs of foundation damage to determine if your underground drainage system is functioning properly.

An underground drainage system should be inspected yearly to ensure proper operation and identify potential issues.

To keep your underground drainage system in good working order, regularly clean out any accumulated pipe debris and inspect for signs of damage or wear.

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