Maintain Your Gutters This Winter (Tips On Taking Care Of Your Gutters)

How To Maintain Your Gutters This Winter (Maintaining Gutters This Winter)

Tips On Maintaining Gutters

It is vital to have properly functioning gutters and downspouts during the winter and rainy seasons. By installing a gutter system, you can ensure that rainwater and melting snow are diverted away from your home’s exterior as well as the foundation.

Even though this time of year can bring a fair amount of rain depending on where you live, winter is when you should make sure your gutters are in great shape. As the ice expands, a large number of problems can occur, including damaged fascias and cracked foundations.

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Performing winter gutter maintenance in advance can help prevent unnecessary damage and expensive gutter repairs during the winter, ultimately saving you time and money. To help you with maintaining gutters, find the “best gutter repair near me.”

You can count on Gutter Medics in your area to provide top-quality gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and gutter installation. Maintaining gutters during the winter at GutterMedics can prevent costly repairs. 

Tips On Maintaining Gutters This Winter
Tips On Maintaining Gutters This Winter

Well-maintained gutters and downspouts help divert water away from your house and prevent pooling water from damaging your home. Regardless of whether it is important all year long, a properly functioning gutter system is never more vital than during the winter months. 

Frost expands as it freezes, causing serious damage to the fascia and requiring thousands of dollars to fix a cracked foundation. Even if you clean your gutters regularly, leaves, twigs, and other debris can accumulate in gutters when snow begins to melt, causing clogs and other problems. 

It may be unpleasant to clean gutters during cold weather, but it can prevent costly repairs caused by inclement weather. Get your gutter system ready at Gutter Medics for winter by giving it a winter check-up before Jack Frost comes knocking on your door. 

You might not be thinking about your gutters when winter hits, but it’s important to have them in good condition. Snow and ice, as well as clogged and sagging gutters, can greatly damage a home, causing severe damage. 

But worry no more, because the experts at Gutter Medics will help you to fix your sagging gutter. In Gutter Medics, you’re in good hands!

This blog post will provide you with ways on how to take care of your gutters during winter. You can see our customer reviews on our website to determine if our services suit your needs. To find out if our services are right for you, contact our nearest service area!

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Gutter Maintenance Services
Gutter Maintenance Services

8 Great Tips To Preserve Your Roof And Gutters Over The Winter

The roof and gutters on your home are among your most important responsibilities as a homeowner. During the summer, you should regularly clean your gutters, but in the winter, you shouldn’t neglect your roof.

Even the best roofs in great condition must be handled with care. Nevertheless, roofs with low-quality materials and those over 20 years old are more prone to the harsh weather conditions of the winter such as snow accumulation, high winds, and ice buildup. This is why it is so important to maintain your roof and gutters during the winter months.

Here Are Some Great Tips For Cleaning And Gutter Maintenance This Winter:

1. Keeping Gutters Troughs Clean

When the weather turns cold, it’s important to keep your gutter system as clean as possible. This will ensure that your gutters perform as they should. 

You must pay special attention to areas where leaves and other debris are likely to accumulate, especially corners and joints. Consider installing gutter protection systems if you’d like to minimize or even eliminate the need to clean your gutters.

Remember: Keeping your gutters clean is important, but only when the weather allows. Always take safety precautions!

2. Check For Structural Damage 

You should first check your gutters to see if any damage has already been done before you do anything else. Look for signs of staining, rotting, and other water-related damage, inspect seams and anchors, and examine the fascia, siding, and foundation. 

Before performing general maintenance tasks, you may need major roof repairs or gutter replacements. Whenever you’re on your roof, you should be extremely careful. Every time you go up on the roof, tell a relative or neighbor so someone aware of your presence is aware in case you fall.

3. Inspect Downspouts And Diverters

There should be a downward slope of at least 10 feet from the foundation for water rerouting. Make sure water is flowing away from the house instead of pooling. Detach the downspout from a rain barrel until warmer weather returns or add a hose to the barrel drain to discharge pass-through water away from the house if water is diverted to the barrel.

4. Apply Heat Tape And De-icer

 If any ice buildup has developed inside the gutters and troughs, install heat tape on them to remove it.  Ice blockage on your roof can cause water damage, so de-icer and heating tape will ensure that your house remains structurally sound during the winter months. 

5. Hire A Professional Gutter Cleaning Service 

 For your roof and gutters to stay protected during the winter, you shouldn’t do everything yourself, whether you need a few thorough repairs or a complete gutter replacement.  Hire a reputable gutter cleaning company like Gutter Medics to keep your gutters clean and protected this winter and you will save money, time, and stress.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Service
Professional Gutter Cleaning Service

6. Install Gutters Guards

You may already have gutters on your home, but splash guards may be necessary to upgrade them. Consider installing splash guards if you have ever checked the perimeter of your house after heavy rainfall and seen dirt splashed up onto the side of your house, or if the dirt around your home was disturbed as a result of the force of rainfall hitting the ground.

Water should be directed away from the home effectively with splash guards installed at the bottom of your downspouts as well as on your roof itself as a way to prevent unwanted mold and mildew growth from forming. 

You may want to install leaf guards if you live in an area where trees are abundant, as they prevent leaves and large pieces of debris from clogging your gutters. Keep your leaf guards clean by checking and cleaning them twice a year.

7. Put A Helmet Or Gutter Cover On Your Gutters

In areas populated with lots of trees like pine, gutter covers or helmets may prevent large objects of debris from clogging up your gutters. You should, however, regularly inspect them to ensure that they are free of pine needles, leaves, and other debris. 

While a helmet typically snaps onto the top front of the gutter and drains through a cutout at the end of it, a helmet cover is flat and sits on top of the gutter, acting as a drain with its perforated screen.

Bees and wasps have been known to find and build their nests inside helmet covers, so it’s important to keep an eye on your helmet covers regularly to ensure they’re not clogged and debris-filled, but also to ensure they haven’t already been used.

8. Review The Position

Checking your gutters periodically to ensure that they’re positioned properly is very important, and it’s worth the time. The wrong gutter position can cause severe problems for your home.

An inadequate slope will leave unwanted water on your roof, and too much slope will result in excess water draining away from your house too quickly and forcefully, causing damage to your home’s exterior.

For every 10 feet of gutter, experts recommend that the gutters slant one-fourth of an inch. It may also be necessary to adjust the tilt of the gutters to ensure that they are not leaning too far forward or too far backward, which will prevent the gutters from draining water efficiently, so make sure you check that as well as the slope.

These eight tips provide an easy way to prepare your gutters for winter, but gutters that are well maintained year-round will run more smoothly throughout the process. 

preventing ice dams

A family business, Gutter Medics is dedicated to providing you with honest and precise assessments to ensure you receive exactly the products and services you need. With 20 years of experience under our belt, we are confident we have what it takes to guarantee your satisfaction. 

We provide gutter services to keep your gutters free from leaves, pine needles, and other debris year-round. We also replace your gutters as necessary, install new gutters if you need them, or take care of any other problems that may develop. If we find damage to your roof, we can repair it at a reasonable price to ensure your home is protected.

Need gutter maintenance services? Gutter Medics will assist you. Contact Us Today! (630) 922-3131

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