Gutter Repair

Complete Repair Services. Your gutter system removes rain water, snow & leaf debris from your roof. When the system becomes damaged or is functioning incorrectly, problems can occur that can cause leaking and damage to the interior and exterior of your home. We specialize in repairing all components of your…

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Just about all gutters and downspouts will experience clogging of some sort from year to year caused by falling leafs, small twigs/branches, snow/ice, shingle grit and more. When the gutter system becomes clogged, melting snow or rain water can not flow or drain. This can cause an overflow…

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Gutter Installation

New Gutter Installation Our heavy-duty brackets are made from aircraft aluminum. They are installed using screws-not nails-for a permanent hold. When your gutters and downspouts are damaged beyond repair or brand new gutters are what you desire, Gutter Medics offers installation of new seamless gutters. Choose from several designer colors…

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Ice Dams

Ice Dams & Ice Removal An ice dam is a section of ice that forms at the edge of your roof and blocks melting snow from draining into your gutters. Water from the melting snow backs up behind the dam and can leak into your home causing damage to walls,…

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Underground Drainage

Your gutter system uses downspouts to transport the water from the gutters to the ground away from your home. Downspouts are the vertical “pipes” that attach to the horizontal gutters. Downspouts can drain above ground or underground. Gutter Medics installs and services underground drainage systems for your gutters. The benefits…

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Gutter Screening

Gutter screens can come in a variety of materials. Some are permanently installed and other can be removed easily. We offer several types, for gutters and downspouts. Not all homes benefit from gutter screens. In fact, we have found that most do not benefit. Talk to us about the pros…

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Watch A Video Clip Of Us On The Weather Channel

In February of 2008, Gutter Medics, a division of Hagan Services Group, Inc. was contacted by The Weather Channel and asked to provide an in depth look at the impact winter weather has on gutter systems. Above is the video that aired live nationwide on The Weather Channel February 13, 2008. The Weather Channel crew rode along with Gutter Medics interviewing & filming the owner Ryan Hagan and his crews servicing customers affected by ice damming.

All of us here at Gutter Medics and Hagan Services Group are proud to have been selected as "experts" to educate the public from such a well respected authority on weather.

Gutter Medics provides professional installation, cleaning and repair of gutter systems. Also specializing in ice dam control. Call us for more information at (630) 922-3131.