Siding Repair

Siding is the first line of defense and protection for the core and framing of your home. Consequently it is constantly being exposed to the harsh elements like blistering summer heat, driving rain, high winds, bitter cold winters, snow & ice and even the occasional fly ball from the neighborhood kids. With all this exposure, it’s no wonder that all types of siding including vinyl, metal or wood can develop damage.

Contact us and Get Free Estimate

There’s no need to spend days trying to find an honest, insured and reputable company to repair the damage. Gutter Medics has you covered! Our technicians are trained to repair and service your siding, fascia, soffit and trim.

The same manufacturers of your gutters are often times the manufacturers of your siding as well. We work with the top manufacturers in the business like Alcoa and Rollex.

We offer custom colors to match your homes existing siding and trim. We offer partial replacement, small piece repair and larger sections.

Let Gutter Medics provide you with an estimate for your siding damage. Remember, it’s always smart to take care of small damage soon, often times preventing it from becoming a larger one.

The Best Siding Repair Services

All Gutter Medics technicians are highly trained and employees of the company (not sub-contractors).

This means that the skilled employees working at your home are covered with Liability Insurance as well as Workers’ Compensation Insurance. In fact, our insurance coverage is double that of the basic requirement in the state of Illinois.

We do this for your peace of mind.

Just contact us with the problem, and most likely we will have a solution.

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