Frequently Asked Questions

First and most importantly, all of your gutters and downspouts are cleaned out by hand. We don’t use high pressure wands or other hardware store bought gizmos. Gutter Medics will safely ladder your home and clean all debris out of your gutters. When we get to a downspout, we utilize a garden hose or plumbers’ snake to make sure the downspout is clear and flowing. If it is clogged, we have the skills and tools to unclog it even if we need to disassemble it. The downspouts must be clear, after all, it is the most important component of your gutter system. Once the debris is removed some clients prefer that we rake all debris into piles for the homeowners use as mulch or compost. We also offer a bag and take away service; all gutter debris is placed into bags and removed by us for disposal in an approved landscape waste facility. Your property is always left neat and clean just as we found it.


Gutter & downspout cleaning is a must for your home’s maintenance. Gutters & downspouts need to be cleaned and inspected at least once every year. Usually this is done in the fall after the trees have shed their leaves. This allows melting snow and ice to flow, without obstruction during the winter, thus preventing a back up/overflow of water from possibly seeping into your home’s roof & foundation, causing costly damage or flooding. In areas where trees are large and/or numerous, a spring and/or summer cleaning is usually warranted as well.

Frustrating in a word. An ice dam is a section of ice that forms at the edge of your roof and blocks melting snow from draining into your gutters. Water backs up behind the dam and can leak into your home causing damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. Moisture entering the home from ice dams can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Prevention is difficult at best. Long term solutions are usually in the form of adding extra insulation and ventilation to your roof. If your are experiencing leaking inside your home from an ice dam, prompt action is needed. The snow and ice needs to be removed. We offer emergency ice dam service**. We will come out and remove the snow and ice. Once the water source is stopped, drying out the wet areas is needed to assist in preventing mold and mildew growth.

** If you are experiencing leaking into your home or business as a result of an ice dam, call our office at 630-922-3131. If there is no answer, or it is after normal business hours, please leave a detailed message, describing the issue and your phone number. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. Emergency situations can usually be scheduled within hours. Gutter Medics are THE EXPERTS in ice dam control.

The technicians at Gutter Medics are trained to identify and stop any leaking into your home or outside of your home beneath your siding, caused by overflowing gutters due to clogs, damage or improper pitch & alignment. This can minimize the potential damage the leaking can cause. We also offer a Thermal Imaging service. A technician uses an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera to scan the walls, ceilings and floors of your home and actually SEE if any water damage is occurring inside the walls or underneath the floors that can lead to mold growth. If there is, the Thermal Imager can pin point exactly where the damage is. It can actually take a picture of the area and the damage. These pictures can then be downloaded to you. This is invaluable if you or a contractor need to repair or remodel a damaged area. It allows you to see exactly where the damage is, preventing needless damage removing flooring and drywall looking for the damage. It can also provide peace of mind knowing there is no water damage to your home.

Gutter Medics is one of the only gutter companies to utilize this technology. All of our Thermal Imaging Devices are manufactured by FLIR. The global leader in thermal imaging.

Yes, our company, employees, and equipment have always been fully insured. Our coverage exceeds state of Illinois requirements for your peace of mind. Documentatation can be provided upon request.


Highly skilled, English speaking, courteous employees (not sub-contractors).

Yes, In fact, most can be done right over the phone. Just contact us.

Absolutely, we can put you on a schedule that fits your needs. Whether its bi-monthly, quarterly, yearly, or somewhere in between. Just ask us.

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